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Classic Board Games For The Whole Family-

Classic Board Games For The Whole Family

The progress that has been made by technology over the years has led to the introduction of new additions in various sectors that have been improved by the scientific discoveries that have been made. One of the industries that have been affected by this progress of technology happens to be the gaming sector.

Whereas in the past children were forced to use their imaginations and any crude toys  they were able to get their hands to have a good time, the improvements that have been made over the years has greatly improved the choices that are available to the public. These games have been operated by not only by a child’s imagination, but by electricity that give life to graphics on screens that have an almost human resemblance.

These games however have only been introduced in recent years and before their introduction there were more traditional games that have provided fun for the whole family over the years. One of the major types of games that have been around for many years and still provide fun for the whole family happen to be board games.

Board games can be described as games that have a preset of rules which the players adhere to when playing. As the name suggests, the game is based on a board that serves as the guiding tool for the progress that is made by the players in the game. The board serves as a journey and allows the participants to view the success or failure that they have made in the game.

There are usually other additional implements that can be used by such board games apart from the board itself such as dices, game books and cards. The board games can be viewed as LED grow lights like those at that help bring a family together and strengthen their bonds as such participation enriches the relationships of those who participate in it.

There are a number of classical board games that can be enjoyed by a family wishing to commence a regular game night. These games have been around for years and despite this, they have not lost their appeal as they can still be enjoyed by all those who take part in it.

It should be noted that board games are more attractive than their more modern counterparts as they consist of more interaction on a personal level with the players. These games are still available in shops around the country and like one is such of grow lights, these shops can be seen as the PLANTOZOID of the traditional gaming world. Some of these board games include:

  1. Monopoly – A game whereby those involved try and make wise investment choices in the game through the purchasing and selling off of different buildings and estates found in the game.
  2. Snakes and Ladders – This is one of the oldest and most popular board games available to the public and consists of making progress from one point on the board to another through the use of dice.
Benefits of Toys and Playing to Child Development

Benefits of Toys and Playing to Child Development

It is a joy to watch children play in the park. Their antics and fun filled laughter makes you forget your worries and yearn to join in their fun. Playing is not just an entertaining activity to children. It helps them learn everything they need in their growing years including speech, motor coordination and counting.

Abstract skills like planning, problem solving, imagination and the art of how to learn are also developed well. While the benefits of playing are immense, adults do not always appreciate it or encourage their children to play. Here are some important benefits that enhance child development largely.

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Latest Trends in Video Game Industry

Latest Trends in Video Game Industry

My nephew is a great fan of Minecraft and he’s so into it that he has started into the technical coding aspects of the game. Rarely do you see a kid who hasn’t played a video game now. More often kids get addicted to the game making parents worry. While this may have been the trend a few years back, much has changed in the video game industry in the past couple of years.

In America over 59 percent, which equals to about 150 million people, play games ranging from interactive games, swapping gummies, and time travel to fighting enemies and discovering hidden treasure. With the advanced game forms and newer models of consoles being unveiled, let us look into the recent trends in the video game industry.

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Different Types-and-Diversity Of Games

Different Types and Diversity Of Games

Historically games and toys were created to entertain children and at the same time develop their inherent skills. Most of the toys and games of our childhood enhance recreation. Games were used as tools to teach and help children reinforce the skills they need to survive in society. Modern day parents purchase games to help educate their children in the skills that are vital for their life.

While games are created for leisure, you also find that they teach children. Educational toys and games are highly popular now as parents try to inculcate the necessary values in their children before they enter preschool level. You can find different types and categories of games now. Here are some popular types.

Children’s games

These are mainly aimed at little kids and include:

  • Creative games
  • Playground games
  • Dressing up games
  • Street games

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The Future of Video Games

Board games of the past have been overtaken by swarms of video games, from all different developers and makers. It’s really sad that the board game industry has taken such a hit from giants like EA, Treyarch, and Activision. Be that as it may, video games are the future. But is the future really a good one? I’ve noticed a few trends in games that make me very uncomfortable that I wanted to share with you today.

The DLC Swarm

Remember when you bought a game and that was it? The game was done, and you didn’t have to buy anything else to make the game complete. Those days are long gone now. DLCs did exist in the early days of gaming; games like Quake had expansion packs that made the game broader and more interesting. But those games were the exception; now the general rule is that if a game doesn’t have a DLC, it’s not a real money maker.

The biggest offender in this department is EA’s Star Wars Battlefront. I played this game a lot with my friends in nursing school. After they picked up their nursing supplies, we played this game for hours. While I personally loved this game, it had some massive flaws. The biggest flaw was that it contained very little content at launch, and required not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR DLCs packs to get the full gaming experience. Long gone are the days of getting the full game in a box.


Once again… EA is the biggest offender here. Smartphone app games have proven over and over again that people will pay large amounts of money for in-game upgrades. Don’t want to work for progress? Just buy it instead! The industry uses an interesting business model for microtransactions in games. Most people won’t buy anything in-game… But the people that do spend a TON of money. They are known as the “whales.” The industry targets the “whales” to make as much money as possible. It’s sad, but games are not made with the average player in mind.

Making the Same Game Over Again

Most games are rehashes of the same formula. Prey is Bioshock in space. Watch Dogs is GTA with hackers. And Call of Duty/Gears of War/Battlefield/etc are all essentially the same game. Although to be fair, Watch Dogs was a really cool game. The main character had a hacking watch really similar to the nursing watch I just got from Nightingale Knows! But for the most part, new games are tired remakes of old ones. This is because game designers prefer to play it safe, rather than making brand new stories that could potentially fail. This problem is not unique to the game industry; the movie and music industry suffers the same problems. But unless there are big changes, the gaming industry will be better for big companies than consumers.

This year be careful of the toys you buy your children

It is almost the end of the first month of this New Year, 2016. It goes by no other name and for many adults from around the world, it is just another number. Although if you were Chinese, you would be observing the Year of the Monkey this time around.

Would you believe that there are actually scientific reasons, reasons emanating from the stars, for time flying so quickly these days? As adults, we have too much to do in any given day and we also never seem to get much done. Invariably, there are the children to be considered, and many folks are quite thankful that the school holidays are now finally over.

The importance of house rules

Now, if you have a growing son, say fourteen years of age or older, you may have had many productive uses for him. Decently brought up, he did not need to spend hours on his video game console nor go off gallivanting with his mates until late at night or into the next morning. Well-devised and followed house rules kept him occupied. When the jobs were done, you got together with him to watch your favorite footie team play over the weekend.

As a responsible father, you are mindful of what your young and curious son is allowed to touch and use by way of tools around the house. For instance, that good quality reciprocating saw you got last Christmas is out of bounds for now until at least you guys have been through and completed a few projects together.

Rules and restrictions are there to protect children

It is all very well, some folks do this, would you believe, putting your trust and faith in the manufacturer’s warranty that your saw, let’s just say by way of an example, one of those sourced from this guarantees all its safety features. Also astounding is the fact that still far too many parents flout the instructions left on the product packs of toys and video games.

All the rules and instructions on these products, tools or toys, are there for a reason, and mainly to ensure that you and your children stay safe and derive the maximum enjoyment out of your toys and/or home improvement kits.

Both physical toys and video and online games have instructions guiding you on the recommended allowed ages for children. Toys have clear warning instructions in regard to the dangers of swallowing among infants and toddlers, while, as you should know by now, video games and the like also give recommended ages with a view towards exercising responsibility in safeguarding children from explicitly harmful and foul language and sex and the graphic and gratuitous display of violence mainly.

It’s been proven over and over again that such scenes do leave an indelible and, in many cases, harmful impression on young adults, even immature adults over and above the legal age for consuming alcohol, driving cars and voting.

Trash and Treasure

Trash and Treasure

Bob and Linda were a middle aged couple that spent most of their weekends browsing through out of the way markets. Not food and produce markets, their interest was in old furniture markets, bric-a-brac, household goods. Linda had a good eye for furniture that had a unique appearance and Bob was good with his hands. He wasn’t a craftsman by any means, more a handyman with patience and the ability to understand how things were made and how they worked.

Every Saturday morning, they would read the local newspaper looking for Trash and Treasure markets where people brought along their unwanted home items, laid them out on a small table or sheet on the ground and waited for passers-by to make a purchase. The more artistic types made things at home like jewellery, clothing and leather goods to sell at these suburban markets.

Bob and Linda would carefully pick through the most unusual items, things that looked a little in need of maintenance, maybe a bit of TLC. They would buy them at a bargain price as the vendors just wanted a quick sale. With the item at home, they spent some evenings repairing, refurbishing and lovingly bringing back to almost new a piece of furniture, an old grandfather clock or maybe even a timeworn child’s toy. Once the item was looking like new and working properly, they would sell it on EBay. It was a hobby and at times a lucrative source of extra income.

Bob’s specialty was making old furniture look like new. Old chairs and tables made in the early 20th century, particularly in the 60’s, attracted a lot of buyer attention. Bob loved seeing the way old furniture had been made with dovetail joints and hidden hinges and beautifully turned wooden legs. Linda liked to turn her ability to fiddly little things, like old pendants, fob watches and reupholstering sofas and the padded seats on chairs. They made a great team.

Their garage had been set up as a workshop and they had re-invested a bit of money from their EBay sales to purchase hand tools and machinery to enable them to do the best job possible. Bob even had a wood lathe he researched here, because the chair, wardrobe, and table legs were sometimes damaged or missing and either he had to make a whole new set of legs or make one or two identical to the existing ones. He was appreciative of the skills of the wood turners from so long ago and the intricate shapes they were able to produce back in those days.

Instead of watching dull and stupid TV shows the two of them would labor away the evenings tinkering, hammering, sawing, drilling, gluing and repairing their latest projects. Bob would be using his mini wood lathe on one end of the bench and Linda would be using a miniature screwdriver set while pulling apart an old watch at the other end. There is certainly a lot of truth in the saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Chill Out and Play Music

Games for Teaching Kids Martial Arts

Martial arts make a great activity for kids as this form of exercising keeps them active and healthy as well as teaches your children how to protect themselves. There are also quite a few psychological benefits associated with martial arts, such as increased confidence, better problem resolution skills, etc.

All in all, enrolling your kids in a jiu-jitsu class is a wise decision. However, you might face a challenge that many parents turn out to be unable to overcome, namely how to keep your child interested in these lessons. Even if the little ones love fooling around playing ninja, the pain and strain of professional martial arts workouts will put a damper on their enthusiasm. This may not only turn the child of the class in question but also put in the seeds of dislike for physical exercise in general. Considering how important being active is for health, you really need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The trick to maintaining your children’s love for martial arts lies in games. Turn a workout into a play session and that includes toys, friends, and adventures. This way, the little ones won’t see this activity as a strenuous workout. They will have fun and willingly push their bodies to the limits in order to come out victorious.

Here are a few ideas for martial arts games you can use to keep your kids interested in the sport:

  • Tackling a dummy.
    A grappling dummy isn’t really a toy, but this is exactly how your children will see it. The trick is finding a dummy the kids can handle. Check out GrapplingDummyInsider to find the best option for your training sessions. Beating up a dummy is fun, just be sure to teach your kid the importance of doing this right.
  • Toss and kick.
    This is a training for accuracy and reaction speed. First, you’ll need to get the kids in the mood, dressing them in professional BJJ gi is a great start. Then, give every child a foam pool noodle and get them to stand in a line. Mark a spot on the ground and have the first child in the line to give you the noodle and stand on the spot. Then, you toss the noodle and the kid has to kick it away. The challenge is in timing the hit and controlling power output to kick the noodle farther away.
  • Ninja trail.
    This game will take some time on your part to set up but it makes an excellent exercise that can work for a group of kids. A ninja trail is an obstacle course for little ninjas that you can build anywhere with enough space. Be creative when designing obstacles and don’t forget to include some special decorations that clearly mark the trail as belonging to real ninjas. If you plan to use this game for a party, you can even come up with a backstory for the adventure and turn it into something of a treasure hunt.
  • Karate piñata.
    Few children parties go without a piñata these days. Try to incorporate some martial arts practice in playing with it and get the kids to use the moves they learned to break it open. This is a great way to emphasize the importance of correct form as this will increase the power of the hit.

The Games Room Job

The Games Room Job

My phone rang. It was John, my neighbour.

“Peter, can you spare a weekend over at my place to give me a hand with a small construction job?”

“Hang on John. Let me check with the missus that we haven’t got another arrangement I might have forgotten.” I asked my wife if we have anything planned for the weekend. She said no, but why. I told her our neighbour John wants me to give him a hand with some sort of job for a couple of days.  I got the all clear. “Hey, John. No problem. I’ll see you Saturday morning, early. Is there anything you want me to bring?”

“Well, now you ask. I’m building an extra room attached to the garage. Betty said she wants all my gadgets and games and all of Todd’s gadgets and games and all of Susan’s doll collection out of the house as they are taking up too much room. I reckon I can knock up a quick 8 x 4 room over a weekend. All that fun stuff can be stored in the new room. I’ll be happy and ‘she-who-must-be-obeyed’ will be happy.”

John was a game freak that’s for sure and his passion for collecting and playing games seemed to have been passed onto his son Todd. They were both avid gamers with a collection that included an Xbox with multiple controllers, a big 3-foot by 5-foot TV screen and a host of Wii games in which you required lots of room to play. John had also found an old Space Invaders table game which matched up nicely with a full sized pinball machine called The Addams Family. This little hobby of his was spread all around the house. No wonder his wife Betty wanted them relocated to one spot, a new room.

“Sounds like a good idea, John. Maybe you can make it into a sort of Man’s Cave set up.”

“Yeah, I had the same idea, Pete. Mate, remember that nail gun you used a year ago to build that patio? Do you still have it? That would come in real handy considering all the nailing that will need to be done.”

“Oh, you mean the framing nailer? Yeah, I do still have it, but I will need to wheel the compressor over to your place as well. Can you buy the nails? Check the website and see what nails you need to buy. Got a pen?”

“Hang on. Yes, okay go ahead.”

It’s My gun is a Bostitch F28WW nail gun. That should show you the nail size and pack sizes ok?”

“Great. I can go to the hardware store tomorrow and buy all the stuff I need. I’ll just add the nails to the list.”

“John, do you have a bit of spare oil there as well? You need to put some onto the nails and the nail gun. Makes it easier for the nails to be shot into the wood.”

“Yep, no problem. I have the oil. Anything else?”

“Do you have enough beer in the fridge for when we finish?”

“Always have a fridge full of beer Pete. See you Saturday morning. Thanks, heaps.”

Lights and Games

Lights and Games

It’s been a long time since I went to an arcade, but I can still remember some of those times very vividly. The flashing, blinking lights of all colors, the sounds of the machines spitting out tickets and tokens, the smell of cheap food being sold at an exorbitant price; sometimes it’s like I was there just yesterday. Those are times I think about fondly now and then, but they’re not just memories. They’re lessons too, with knowledge I’ve held onto while growing up and maturing as a person. Today, I want to talk about the use of lights and lighting in game settings.

For some games, lights are just ubiquitous and constantly there. Pachinko, slots, really any gambling machines at all will usually be covered in lights that flash, spin and oscillate, keeping the player distracted while they play. If you ask me, such lights are a little bit disingenuous. They don’t do much to make the experience more entertaining, but they do plenty to keep the player going for longer, which invariably leads to them losing more money in said machines. This is something casinos and other gaming centers count on, and it’s one of the main reasons I stay away from slot machines.

Of course, lights on games aren’t always such a negative thing. I might just be making them sound kind of bad here, but then I’ve only talked about gambling games that use lights as distractions so far. Arcade games of all kinds use lights to catch the attention of people and get them to look. Then, once they look, if they see something they like, they’re pretty much guaranteed to play. You find this a lot with coin-op arcade machines and video games. In this instance, the lighting isn’t so much about distracting the player as it is about getting their attention so they can see what’s really being offered.

Outside of the actual games, you usually see a lot of lighting in arcades to keep the places bright and cheery for customers. I can’t remember the last time I ducked into a dark arcade somewhere; all my memories of those places are flooded with the bright light of the bright LED style lights you can see at places like Now, of course, they didn’t really use LED lighting so much back then. But these days you can find the stuff everywhere, including at modern arcades.

This probably has something to do with the relatively low energy consumption of LED light systems when compared to fluorescents and incandescent bulbs. Arcades cost a lot of money to run, you know; it’s one of the big reasons there are far fewer around these days. With all the game machines, all the lights, and any refrigeration for food or drinks, those establishments can burn through a lot of electricity during a normal day of operation. It’s a shame too, because there weren’t many things more fun than hitting up the local pharmacy or drug store to grab a meal and get some gaming in when I was a kid.

Games that develop strength

Games that develop strength

Since childhood, man explores the world through play. This way it learns, develop motor skills, intellect, and strength. There are games that can encourage the development of these skills. We will mention some games that develop strength, both in children and in adults.

Tug of war is an old strength game which is known almost everywhere in the world, under different names. The game can be played by children and adults, men and women. For a short time, it was even a sporting discipline at the Olympic Games, from 1900-1920. The aim of the game is to beat your opponent or the whole team, pulling the rope. According to the rules, both teams consist of 8 members. For the last team member in the row has tied a rope around the waist. The length of the rope 33-36 meters. Players are resisting with their feet from the ground and try to pull the rope with hands and overpower the other side. In order to avoid slipping on the ground, these games are played outdoors. Without this strict rule, this type of game might be part of the children’s game, with fewer players or two opponents, and for pulling can be used an ordinary towel.

Games that develop strengthClimbing the rope. Crossfit training is gaining in popularity. Speaking on the ropes, a climbing rope is one of the disciplines that this training may involve. This is not a team game, although it can be incorporated into some competitive part. Climbing the rope requires great strength of the whole body. The rope can often be very harsh. I think it that a good protection in the form of grips will be an excellent complement to this sport. More about the grips can be seen here:

Arm wrestling is one of the oldest ways of measuring the strength. Especially it becomes popular in the teenage years, although I almost do not know any person who at least once did not have the experience with this challenge. For this, you need a flat surface such as a desk. Opponents stand on opposite sides. Elbows are on the desk and the hand need to grab the hand of the opponent. The winner is the one who first overturns opponent’s arm on the table. It is an easy and inexpensive way to compare your strength with someone. I believe that many resorted to it, from those who strengthen their muscles in the gym, to those who have purchased equipment for home workouts.

Back wrestling is a discipline similar to arm wrestling, only it involves the whole body, not just arms. Opponents should sit on the floor, backs leaning against each other. The legs should be bent at the knees, feet on the floor, and arms intertwined with the opponent’s at the elbows. The goal is to bring down the opponent to the left or to the right, with the power of the body.

Hooverball is a form of tennis without rackets. This is a great game for developing strength, although perhaps too heavy for children. Like tennis, it consists of switching a ball over the net. The racket is not used, and instead of tennis balls are used medical balls. Teams can have 2 or 4 members. The goal is to catch and return the ball weighing about 2.7 kg.

Any learning is better when it is made in the form of games, competitions, and entertainment. This method is easier, even when it comes to the development of strength.

6 reasons to drive a motorcycle

6 reasons to drive a motorcycle

The games are mostly invented to entertain us and to give pleasure, and some to stir up our adrenaline. Toys can be small and easy to handle, but they can also be big and a real challenge to handle, such as, for example, a motorcycle. We can say that the motorcycle is some kind of adult toy. Each game has its benefits for humans. It is the same with the driving of motorcycles. Let’s mention just some of them.

  1. Driving a motorcycle is fun. It is much more fun than a ride in the car. In the car, you have a roof over your head, and you feel like in a bell jar. When you are on a motorcycle, it is a direct fight against the wind. Bike control largely depends on the balance of your entire body and, therefore, runs much more adrenaline – especially when you are passing other cars, drive fast, or you go down the hill.
  2. It burns calories. Although you may think that riding a motorcycle is not physically demanding, an hour of driving burns calories as much as an hour of running. If you drive faster and against the direction of the wind, your body is exposed to the greater effort, and you can burn up to 600 calories. Fast driving is fun and useful, but it can be potentially dangerous. Therefore, with this toy you must always get a good helmet. Motorcyclist life has all information how to protect your head.
  3. It connects you with other people. Driving a motorcycle is cool, but it’s much more fun when you’re part of the team and when you are driving in the company. Then you have someone to share your impressions and your interests. This way, you can create memorable friendships. When you ride in a group, you need to have confidence in the people with whom you are driving, and to be in constant communication with them. Today, it is simple by using Bluetooth technology in helmets like these.
  4. It relieves stress and improves mood. If you enjoy driving, then you will back full of energy and mentally refreshed. It is so whenever you’re doing something you love. This way, you can get rid of stress. Monitoring the situation on the road and control of the motorcycle requires from you to focus on your ride and leave your problems at home.
  5. It increases your knowledge. If you love your motorcycle, then you will probably take care of its maintenance, which requires a certain degree of discipline, knowledge of the functioning of certain parts. Over time, you will learn a lot, and this is another one benefit of this big toy.

Having a motor can be multiple beneficial, both for health and for the faster overcoming of obstacles in traffic. Of course, only with smart driving and a helmet on the head.

6 reasons to drive a motorcycle

Get the kids out more after Thanksgiving and Christmas

Get the kids out more after Thanksgiving and Christmas

For the next couple of months at least you have the perfect excuse to not mind your kids while they preoccupy themselves with games and movies.

Because gaming is my tool of trade, I’m not necessarily complaining about the endless hours that too many kids spend unhealthily indoors. But I am a little concerned about the statistics which show that more kids every year are inheriting diseases such as diabetes owing to their unhealthy lifestyles. Trends show that this generally entails eating far too much processed food and pre-packaged foods which are high in sugar and salt content and drinking sodas. It also speaks of kids spending too much time indoors and being physically inactive.

Play and live a little outdoors

At this time of year, there’s far too much rain, snow and sleet about, depending, of course where you are located, so kids will be indoors anyhow. Elsewhere, there is just no excuse for parents of young children not to encourage them to play and live a little outdoors. It’s important to ensure that they grow into healthy and well-adjusted young adults. But, this time around, put some thought into what sort of gifts you could (or should) be buying your kids this holidays.

Gaming-wise, I’m happy to tell you that the choices are endless. By now, some or your kids have already composed a thoughtful and well-written letter to Santa, listing their favorite new games. But also spend some time researching the educational benefits that games can offer your children. Apart from games, invest in a few books. The longer they sit on their shelves, begging to be read, the more curious the child’s mind may become about peculiar titles such as Hard Times and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Take the kids with

Most good parents have thoughtfully bought their well-behaved kids their first bicycles. Good or bad, every child deserves a new extreme adventure. Websites such as this one show that outdoor activities are not just very good for growing kids, they can also be quite safe, just as long as the correct safety gear is purchased. Sports are also very good character builders, so instead of just buying your boy or girl a soccer ball or bat, find a decent club nearby that you can register your child with.

Granted, schools already have sports included in their curriculums, but what harm would it do in meeting new, like-minded faces? Here’s just one more unfortunate statistic before ending this post with a flourish. Most sedentary children cannot be blamed for their behavior. What happens here is that they are simply following their role models’ (bad) examples. So, instead of slouching on your couch, watching more ball games and soaps that you can possibly manage, get up on your hind legs and go for a walk.

Take the kids with too. They’ll thank you for this much later in life.

Instrument as a useful toy for children

Children have a joyful and playful spirit and generally love music. It can soothe them or to cheer them. Some children may show an interest for playing from the early days. The first instruments are mainly rattles or various drum imitations, such as pots and spoons. Yes, the music and its making are fun, but it also has many other benefits for the development of the child. Is it a time to replace the pots and spoons with a real musical instrument?

How to choose the instrument for a child?

Choice of instrument much depends on the child’s skills and talents, but also of its growth. Generally, it is important that the instrument is easy to play, such as, for example, a trumpet. All you need to know about them can be found on the Windy Sounds. Playing the trumpet is certainly not as simple as it appears at first sight. However, it is much better to choose the instrument that is designed for easy carrying, than a complicated and massive instrument which a child can hardly overcome.

Another thing that should be kept in mind when you choose an instrument for a child is whether the child likes the instrument. It is, therefore, very important to offer him the instrument that matches his level of knowledge. Instead of trumpets that would use professionals, get him the one that is good for students, such as some of these here.

What are the benefits of playing a musical instrument?

Is it not great when a child plays, entertains and develops at the same time? Therefore, it is especially important that the child considers playing an instrument as a fun, not as a hard duty. Whether you chose the trumpet or another instrument, playing will show its positive effects on the child’s development

  • Playing an instrument improves brain function. This is quite expecting, because for playing it is necessary to remember a certain melody, the order of key presses, the rhythm and the like. It also increases the child’s ability to focus and affects the development of the memory.
  • It stimulates creativity. There is hardly a child who will not want to try his hand in an independent creation and composing music, at some point. In this way, playing awakens creativity and creates new talents.
  • It increases self-confidence. Each correctly played melody is one small goal that is reached. The success is the best way for building self-confidence.
  • It provides an opportunity for socializing. Inclusion in some orchestra for children can be a great opportunity to socialize with peers who have the same interests.
  • It enhances patience. Music and playing an instrument can make a valuable lesson about patience, especially when the playing in the orchestra is in question. Then the child has to learn to adapt and to wait its turn.

If your child loves to play an instrument, then it is the right moment to enrich the game with real toys. If you cherish the love for music from an early age, the child will love her entire life. And who knows, maybe the music becomes a profession!

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